Sell Your Property

Since its founding, Brashear Properties has been recognized as a consistent performer in the Central Texas commercial real estate market. Brashear Properties’ reputation is built on our commitment to the highest standards of professional representation for our clients. In order to develop and maintain that reputation, our marketing plan is designed to give your property the maximum level of exposure to the real estate market, thereby enhancing the probability of selling the property at a sales price that meets your objectives.

Define the Property

The Brashear Way: It’s not the only way, but it is certainly the best.

No two properties are alike. To distinguish yours from all the rest in the market, we first get to really know your property. Through extensive analysis and our due diligence process we identify the pertinent facts associated with each tract, developing an extensive and intimate knowledge of your property. We verify all property features and specifications so that these may be accurately presented to prospects and the brokerage community.

Price the Property

Our goal is to get all of the buyer’s money out of their pocket and into yours.

No part of the marketing effort is more critical than establishing the initial asking price for the property. A marketing program’s effectiveness is directly impacted by the relationship of the price of the product and the asking price of comparable properties currently on the market. We will supply you with two focused lists of related or similar products in the same geographic area as your property: one with listings currently on the market and the other with listings that have recently sold. We will help guide you through the comparables in setting the best and most competitive price to get the most money in your pocket and to put your property on the sold list.

Implement the Marketing Plan

We put our 35+ years of experience, reputation and relationships to work for you.

With pricing decided, we proceed to notify the target market. The overall marketing plan utilizes a combination of media such as signage, brochures, direct mail pieces, internet listings, e-mail campaigns and any other proven, viable actions necessary to generate interest in and awareness of the property’s availability. Ultimately, real estate is a business of relationships. In our 35+ years of business, Brashear Properties has fostered long term professional and community relationships deeply and uniquely rooting us to Central Texas. When you list with Brashear Properties, we put these relationships to work for you.

Sell the Property

Time to cook a stew with the ingredients we’ve got.

We at Brashear Properties bring our experience and commitment to help you meet your real estate objectives in a timely and professional manner. Our single goal is to produce a buyer for your property who is willing to pay you the fair market value of the property. We pledge to utilize our extensive relationships throughout the real estate industry and the Central Texas area to the task of getting your property sold.